Thursday, 31 January 2008

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”(H. Thurman)

I have 24 years and I decided to go by my own in the world…to travel around this globe, slowly, step by step giving me time to explore, to know people, to been in different situations, to test my limits, to do stuff and work what I cannot do here, to go inside of me as otherwise I will not do it, to feel what I’m not able now feel, to search and to find, to ask and to answer …to be on total disposal of LIFE with everything she will give me because i decided to TRUST Life.

I had to leave everything behind, my friends, my family, my work…my perspectives and opportunities here in Romania; being surrounded by people that in fact want more to keep me here then to realise this dream was harder then expected. Basically I took part to my own “funereal” here and only when I will be on the road I will be released :)

Today I will start…..

Still I have a strange sensation …is weird and indefinable what I feel and experience this days. I’m changing my life and the main thing is that I can’t even anticipate what is going to happen with me…..and this of course is making me feel fear, spicy, agitation….challenged.

This dream is in ME from a long long time, the thirst for this big and huge world is so strong and combined with my already big passion for human been “forced” me to do that. Romania wasn’t not enough anymore….to feel that I live in a spot make me realise that is just a spot what I can experience and also what I can do- is so much there that is calling me and I go for it.

I love the people that are around me, I love A.R.T. Fusion and what we build there, I love my cats ….I love my life in the way I create it…BUT the thirst and the calling are so strong and loud that made me “die” slowly …so I choose ME and leave!

I don’t know how I will change; I don’t know how YOU will change, and how these changes will affect our relation …..we have to see it and be ready to be surprised.


Monica said...

Salut, draguta, te pup si sper ca esti bine!!!! Te imbratisez cu mare drag. La multi ani!! Azi port bratara de la tine :x

Anca said...

Hello there, I really wanted to tell you good luck. Maybe not the luck is always what you need, but is good to have it.
I hope that you will enjoy discovering this world and there will be lucky persons that will discover you.
In books we are reading about this type of voyage and maybe at a certain level everyone of us resents this need to discover more and more... Drum bun! Sa ne revedem cu bine! Anca