Tuesday, 10 February 2009

“Challenge YOU and Your community”- EVS project

I am starting a new adventure today!

After different challenges in application process and after high level of stress waiting the results my project - "Challenge YOU and YOUR community"was accepted!!! This is a one year adventure because Turkey capture my soul so why I should not use my skills, experience and energy for making a change as well in Turkish society?

I have what is needed: skills, motivation and large options of possibilities of change in Turkish Society. I have big expectation for this year and I hope I will reach all my objectives.

Below you can find more information about this project and initiative and in the upcoming months i will come back with more information about how Turkey “receives” me and updates about how I am implementing my project.

The aim of the project is to stimulate the active participation (as a value of European Union) of young people in problems that concern today society by using participative art, creative street animation methods and innovative campaigns.

I will realise a stage of 12 months in Turkey. The project is representing my idea based on my volunteering experience and skills and I want to put them in practice in a society that needs and that is also attracting me from the cultural point of view.

The methods that will be used in this project :

  • social theatre as a method of social intervention
  • non formal education workshops on development education
  • street campaigning

The objectives of the project are:

  • to train more than 60 young people to be multipliers in social theatre
  • to raise awareness and personal involvement in what matters the Millennium Goals for Turkish general young people.
  • to implement various campaigns that raise awareness in different topics (additional more than 50 young people will be trained and develop street campaigning skills
  • to stimulate the volunteering among young people

Individual EVS project ; Sending organization: A.R.T. Fusion Romania (click)

Hosting Organization: TOG Turkey ;

Stage period: 10february 2009– 10 February 2010

EVS – European Voluntary Service (implemented trough Youth in Action ProgrammeAction 2)

(Project applied at Romanian National Agency of Youth in Action Programme (click))

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