Monday, 10 August 2009

Intercultural model

In the last training I was involved in Africa I learned a very smart theory (although incomplete) about the cycle of phases of somebody that wants to be a empowered actor in a new culture/ setting/ organization and I think is really fits every long term volunteer/worker in a new culture that desire to be an integrative part of the new system he joined. I don’t have the name of the theory , also i don’t have all the names for each phase, look below and if you know who created this model or you have a more detailed description please contact me.

I discused with all my EVS volunteers friends about this model and all of them saw its relevance for themselves and for understanding their experience more.

There is nore determined time for each phase (everything can happen in one month or in years - is depending on the characteristics of both invidual and the cultural setting he is joing.

For more questions I am here,

Capacity of influencing how the system works

Knowing the system’s order. Rules, principles




4)“Empower Actor”

After getting the order he is developing as well the power to influence it;

1)New Comer Syndrome”

He thinks he has the power but he doesn’t know the order of the new system; enthusiastic, motivated, full of energy and ambition


3)“Theory of the Plot”

He starts to understand how the thinks works, to get the order but still not having the power for influencing it; therefore “ they have something with me/they don’t want me etc” phenomena is developing; very mental phase where cinism is strong, stereotypes and prejudices are mobilized;

2)“The Fall” – he realised he doesn’t know the order and therefore he has no power to do what he wanted ; frustration, disappointment, depression, anger (very emotional phase)

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