Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas Mood

I am in Christmas Mood :)) Of course time to go home (after plenty of time already) and enjoy many goodies that is no chance to even find them here :)

One of them being of course: SNOW!!!! (here what they call winter we call spring – here meaning S and S-E part of Turkey)

2 more months to go for my special EVS project in Turkey! Oley!!!

  • Lately I became truly much relaxed and patience and less rigid when I plan something that is related working with Turkish volunteers
  • My Turkish Classes are going really good – I will make a break for the holidays and I wil continue in January (certanly this lessons had to be done in this way from the begining og the project)
  • The international training that I was talking in my last post became in the last moment a national training and also in the last moment i was out of the team because after all it was going to be in Turkish and also because they wanted to keep they first version of program with no changes and improvements from outside support (me and the Izmir Regional Coordinator)
  • The 1 December Day went out really good because of a huge number of people that joined the march; too bad not enough people wanted to create some social street theatre or animation for bringing more awareness to the public on the streets (we did some workshop but no action in the street); but still for the level of street work in Izmir even the fact that so many people mobilized is an asset
  • I am preparing a 3 days training on Forum Theatre for Istanbul (in January) – after discussing with EVS coordinator from Istanbul we agreed that in Izmir there is not enough will from volunteers part for a longer training and will try out in Istanbul in order to assure some multiplying effect on this method in TOG.

Craciun Fericit si La Multi Ani tuturor romanilor!!!!

“Challenge YOU and YOUR community” represent an EVS project (European Voluntary Service) implemented by A.R.T. Fusion(Romania) and TOG (Community Volunteers, Turkey) financed by trough Youth in Action Programme by Romanian National Agency.

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