Wednesday, 20 February 2008

24= 3.02.2008

Yes is me, in both pictures :) celebrating many things (included my day :)

First time in Ptuj (Slovenia) and first time when my birthday was in other part of the world (maybe I will get used with it :)

What happened there? Well, some magic stuff :) …yes, some exciting and interesting things…related with the local tradition of that city.

More concretely Kurentovanje 2008 !

Why I went there? Because I have very close to my heart a person who is closely attach to this Carnival and to this tradition and attracted me in also :)

Was extremely interesting to be part of it…the people warring masks everyday, creating a magic atmosphere in all the city….in this way they can be crazier then they really are, they can release all the things that in they normal day will not do…and so on. This time of the year represents fun but also a way to “heal”, to balance emotions, anger and impulsions. Yeah is great to have something like this even if maybe not all of the people realize all the good effects on their on life :)

I was part of it and in a way also an observer ….and even if in this year was short and rush I still had the chance to experience it in a proper way and I’m very glad because of that.

As a surprise I was also part of the main parade as the picture shows, putting in practice my “basics” street animation skills in front of more 20.000 people. I might say a good exercise for what I plan to do in the future!

Thank you Anja again for offering this special time to me and my heart!


Anonymous said...

Hei mami! where are you? i sow that you'v been to ptui (very interesting name). how were our friends from slovenia? it is very nice of you that you are still keeping tuch with them. i also talk with canan sometimes.
and also i'm keeping tuch with our gay friend Horia:) maybe you can post more pictures from your travel. hope to see you soon!
maybe we can meet somere else than in romania, so it is beter if you will write more often on your blog in order for us to know where the fuck are you:)
good luck!

Mihai Sandu

Anonymous said...

I love you my clown!
Your flower Daisy