Wednesday, 20 February 2008

You don’t look Romanian!!!

"Where are you from? …… Really? “

I believe this is one of the most common things I hear when I'm traveling...and after so many comments regarding this issue is not surprising anymore :)

In fact what I still wonder is HOW a Romanian suppose to look and at this question I never received clear answers at all.

But in change seems that is obvious that I look as German, English, Hungarian, Russian, Nordic, Scandinavian, ...maybe unbelievable but I also look as a Turkish from the Black See Region so called LAZ ....and the list can continue….and not Romanian! (aaa and not to forget many of the people that says that they never ware in Romania)

Funnier then that is that inside my own country I’m tacked as from any other country except Romania! I mean come on: to hear people wondering around me from what country I will be, to be asked if I speak English (yes I do but we can try in Romanian also :) , or if I want to buy something the sale person starts with Hello…so nice of them!

Ok…the color of skin, my hair stile, my eyes ….BUT still is just because of that?

Lets put it like that: is more a matter of how do I look or of my attitude?

(my own answer I hope is obvious :)


Anonymous said...

You might not look Romanian (or whatever), but damn, you just can't spell, can you? Are all Romanians this bad at English? Why do you bother writing in a language you can't really speak?

Andreea-Loredana said...

well :)....I bother to give you a change to know me better ...and this was your choice!

Honney Bunny Bilge said...

Because she can :) Who are you, anonymous???

Anca said...

Maybe not everyone can write perfectly in English, but it is an internationnal way to communicate, so, it was logic not to write in Romanian :) And, maybe it is a proof that she is open-minded.
Have a good trip Lore, and write every time you have the occasion.
I saw that you were wearing the bracelet. I'm very glad you like it.See u soon or not so soon, it depends, maybe I'll come to visit you somewhere int his world.