Thursday, 17 April 2008

What we have to learn?

I’m a dreamer…I have big dreams and I fight for making them true

I believe that this world can be just up to us

I believe that every person action can be understood…

I believe that if you put yourself in other person skin you can understand why is thinking and acting in a certain way

I believe that everything is happening with reason

I believe that each person has a message for somebody

I don’t believe in coincidence and hazard

And I’m not the only one in this world that thinks like that!

Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo (known as Pippa Bacca) (December 9 1974 — March 31, 2008) was an Italian artist who, together with a fellow artist, was hitch-hiking from Milan to the Middle-East to promote world peace and trust in other people, symbolically wearing a wedding dress during her trek. Arriving in Gebze on March 31, 2008, she went missing, and her sister flew to Turkey to locate her. Her body was discovered in the same city, a tourist's attraction due to the presence of the possible gravesite of Hannibal. On April 11, 2008, and she was formally identified by her sibling, and taken to Istanbul for an autopsy. The police were led to the body by means of a man, who had placed his SIM card into Bacca's mobile phone. The man was arrested soon afterwards.

Bacca was part of a world peace effort known as "Brides on Tour" that departed from Milan on March 8, 2008. The artists, wearing white wedding dresses, then travelled through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Bulgaria, and arrived in Turkey on March 20, 2008. They had planned to hitch-hike to Syria and then Lebanon by March 31, arriving in Israel and Palestine by mid-April, their final destination being Jerusalem. Concerning their attire, they reported on their website that "That's the only dress we'll carry along - with all stains accumulated during the journey."

Bacca and her companion split up just prior to arriving in Istanbul, planning to meet up again in Beirut. However, Bacca disappeared after March 31. Her credit card was reportedly used at midday on the day she was found dead. Her body, described as "naked and decomposing" by All Headline News, was found in bushes in the city of Gebze. A man who led the police to her body, identified as Murat Karataş by AHN, was detained, was, according to some sources, later arrested after reportedly confessing to raping and killing Bacca. Karataş, whose initials matched what was indicated when Bacca's mobile phone was used, had reportedly inserted his own SIM card. He also had previous convictions of theft.

Turkish newspaper Hurriyet reported local news agency Doğan stating that Bacca's autopsy confirmed that she was rapped and killed on March 31, and that Karataş was arrested on April 11 for the murder, after picking her up from a gas station. Hurriyet printed an article on the murder entitled "We are ashamed". When questioned on events, Bacca's sister stated "They ask me why my sister was hitchhiking. What can I say? She was just trying to prove that people are reliable."


Anonymous said...

What can I say Andrea, this new is so sad, please take care but also never let the fear come to you, fear only blurs reality. Live as you know, live free and happy but be careful.

I will be in Ghana from tomorrow, working for Freespirit Foundation, do u remember kingas web?? there Ill go :)

A huge hug,

Mallikarjuna said...

Are you visited india! karnataka(mysore,bangalore)?