Sunday, 11 May 2008

The story of the Georgian Border and the Romanian Stranger

The story is short and starts on 6 of April 2008….by strange ways on a deserted and empty day of Sunday …on top of the mountains and the unexpected snow in my beloved sandals I encountered the abandoned Turkish- Georgian Border near Posof…
some dogs….some dust and some big doors closed. That’s the border people!…..and I was planning to pass it having no idea what is on the other side and more then that how the fuck I will get there….
The Turkish customs don’t realize that I spend more time in Turkey then my visa allowed…he is more interested on my opinion of his country and puzzled that I really want to go to Georgia (what strange wish I have….?!?)
The Georgian customs….they look more weird to this stranger that landed on their border and by strange means also she really wants to go in Georgia…they don’t seems to know what is Romania that is written on my passport…thanks God that they have some kind of paper that show them that I need just a stamp and a good by…instead of good by they look strange on me and ask me: why are you coming here?
After them I had to manage a way how to get in the country….don’t forget even God forget it about this Border …..but not also some trucks from Turkey, Armenia or Iran… the winner was the one that seems that speaks some Romanian and that was also a Turk.
On the other side of those big doors that have to be each time open manually was ….for 2 hours a strange space….why? well…is kind of adventure to drive on roads that have no signs regarding the next cities or towns….you don’t know where are you and where are you going…my trust was in my driver that was just speaking about the Georgian mafia and the big problems that he had there…..ok…this suppose to be my first day in Georgia. Welcome!

The next meeting with the Georgian border was must more delightful …was on 11 April and was of course on my way out from the country. This time the sure way: the train that will take me to Baku – Azerbaijan. I had ticket and a visa for the next country…and more then that, a bed….so unusually I was perfectly legal and I was enjoying my sleep between people that have no clue of English or Romanian :) but expects that I speak Russian ..(yeah right!) ….
BUT…after they took my passport they change their mind and decided that they need to remove me from the train for supplementary cheek… and the small criminals….
I become a suspect….a suspect that has maybe a false passport (they cheek it thousands of time and also compared with other ones) …my contact person in case of emergency becomes suddenly a suspect: who is this? …a friend!!! Aaaa…yeah…a friend….(!?!)
And all this because I didn’t have VISA for Georgia in my passport…..sure, they never had before a Romanian passport in their hands…I understand them….they have no idea what is this country and where is in the world and more then that …….if I have visa for Azerbaijan why I don’t have for them? ….must be that I’m some sort of criminal….
their level of English was less then basics….so our communication was more then constructive….the other criminals that ware with me find a more easy way to handle their situation…of course some money in the right time to right hand….It was the time to reflect: maybe they really wait some money from me….but I’m still representing a country that has the corruption in the blood….so I can handle easily this type of situation without giving money….stay pride and arrogant :)….
Well…they give some phone calls and in the end they find out that Romanian people don’t need visa for Georgia so…they try to apologize and release me.
So…dear Romanians…don’t worry, I open the doors for you…now these people at least know the name of our country :) and so you can go without fear!


Anonymous said... vrea sa fi fost acolo...tot asa fel, capul meu aiurit ar fi trebuit sa se descurce intr-un fel si sa isi invinga frica!
Cu toatea astea, imi inchipui ce experienta nasoala trebuie sa fi fost pentru tine pe moment...dar un alt punct bifat pe harta!
Ai grija de tine...

Cyaxares_died said...

well I am in Kars again but will be back in Tbilisi before long since I work there now...
I live in a pension too but you are always welcome to stay over ;=) (iris)