Monday, 26 May 2008

Georgia of 2008 - few aspects

I spend just 5 days in Georgia….not enough for getting to know deep enough any culture but enough to observe some aspects.

Maybe the strangest one was the big similarities with my own country…and not with the one from these days but with Romania of my childhood! Today Georgia brings in my mind the 10-15 years ago Romania.

Why is that? Because Georgia is now in that time of trying different methods to develop and become a modern society BUT is still working on that and is very visible the time where was the communism and then the effect of that system. Is between ….that famous transition!

I’m not saying that my country is very modern …but I saw the difference, is just a matter of how the infrastructure looks, the shops, the fast foods and restaurants, different products, the bus or train station, the streets , the people daily habits ….I want to highlight something… much better how is now!!! You see the more natural way of living and not the one put it in many systems and rules.

You see people drinking wine in groups in public spaces.

Eating sees on the streets that can be both from any place from the same street.

The traditional fast food is very popular and of course you can count on the more healthy specialities and other stuff over there.

And to discover that their khachapuri is exactly as our merdenea that was also extremely popular some years ago. Or some yellow snacks that again are exactly the same like our and very popular in the past.

(I still didn’t realize how this small details are the same in this pretty distant countries??? I will let the answer for a later moment when I will study more anthropology :)

To go up on the rocks and to be free to go as dangerous and adventurous you want…without specific paths you are allowed. Great!!!

For me was more clear the difference of this little aspects from my own country and that we didnt appreciate them at that time…now you don’t have them…specially this free-wild way of living your daily life and I (we) miss it!

If you don’t find people that know stuff about they country and with whom you can spend some good time in order to find out different issues is possible to miss that

- the first wine was made in this country

- the remains of the oldest (or the first ) people on the earth ware found here!

- Their language is unique and with unique alphabet!

- The women role is the one of money supplier and house keeping and the man is socially allowed to stay at home and do nothing…..if is not exactly like that you understand how are the positions there.

- Their traditional dances looks like in the fairy tales , the ladies dresses and movements!

The direction of Georgia is WEST and slowly or not they will get there….and in 10 years or even less they will be proud to say that we got there finally!!! Let’s not anticipates the losses and the advantages and just let them be.


Anca said...

What about Azerbeidjan? Still waiting your opinion. I miss you and reading your articles make me wishing you good luck and hoping that everything is all right. Beautiful... Kisses.

Gvantsa Khizanishvili said...

Hi Andreea, I liked your blog and the stories ... I like the way different people form different cultures and counties see Georgia and it's alway different form the way I see Georgia. Gwennie said...

chiar crezi ca libertatea ii face mai fericiti? daca imi dau seama, si noi ne-am bucurat de libertate in 1990.. parintii nostri mai mult decat noi (eu m-am bucurat ca am scapat de uniforma)... dar unde ne-a adus libertatea? intr-o societate de parveniti care au stiut exact unde sa foloseasca libertatea... sau mai bine zis... cu cine sa-si asociee libertatea...
cred ca nu o sa le ia 15 ani de tranzitie sa ajunga in cacatul in care ne scaldam noi in Romania.

mie mi-e greata de "libertatea" din tara noastra.