Thursday, 19 June 2008

Wonders about a country….Azerbaijan

I was here for the second time …..first time was in 2003 and it was the first time I was out of the country….

Now…with the desire to explore as much as possible from this culture and to recover…..

First time…it was bad that I was so ignorant in the intercultural aspects….BUT good resource people ware around me …

Second time …it was bad that I was so into this intercultural subject …BUT the wrong and ignorant people ware around me…..

So I lost both times…..

They call themselves the land of fire…because the arheologiest found out here the oldest remains of fire ….so until the will not discover more older tracks here is suppose the was made first fire….

They call themselves TURKS but that is some fantasy or some delusion…..except some of the food, the similar language and the way how they look……I didn’t observed other similarities… culture and attitude….They seem to forget that they ware 50 years in Soviet Union…that most of the people speak Russian and all of them understand this language ….The Turks are sunny Muslims they are shya…. Even let’s admitted most of them don’t know the difference…

Where are the mosques when you just walk on the streets…?…when do you hear the prayer call (ezan)…?….they eat pork….is not that a problem to have some sausage with pork sometimes ….

some strange issues that get lost in the ambiguity I still have about this country….

The people I meat have such a low knowledge about their own country , religion or culture….. or maybe I was to deep with my questions….

They have conflict with the Armenians…that stays for a long time in some suspense aspects ……they “cry” but I don’t understand what they do…I mean the general population…….

The Turks like to have more Turks in the world so is not hard to call other like being Turk (they call me also …so please :) …and for Azerbaijan people sounds very cool to be Turk….turkey is the big brother that is very well settled ….

Let’s not forget ….wrong people every time I was there (me or them) …..

Maybe is a interesting combination after a sovietisation and keeping still the Islam teachings…this is a result…..a country in a big transition and with no identity clear defined

PS – of course this is a beautiful country with many stuff to discover….is still a wild country so offers more in this direction…


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,

I just read your comments. Are you still in Baku and how long you will be there. If you are in Baku still around July I would be happy to meet you and try to answer some questions that you obviously couldn't find an answer. May be I would be the right person you meet? :-))

Let me know.


Javid said...

Dear Gwennie (Gvantsa). When I read this article firstly I feel that you haven't been in Azerbaijan. But then I saw that. . .
So you are right in some areas. But you have mistakes too.

If you want we can talk about this theme in Hungary.

Take care.

And try to see beautiful things ))