Thursday, 19 June 2008

A village-town theater versus social theater

Village-town theater

- tries to create some plays according to the needs of some local sponsors or stakeholders

- the message is not necessary a big objective…the subject has to be important for somebody

- the amateurs actors are doing it for a future carrier, for some friends, for loosing time, for attention

- people learn some text already done before for them

- any sudden change is disorganizing the group ….a big rigidity for the text and context

- the director is doing it for money ….and some passion for the theatre in general

- people pay to see one of this play

- take place in theater building or cultural centers;

- the results are : some personal development of the team members, some nice evening time for some village/ little town habitants, some publicity to some companies, and maybe if is real successful some manipulation of the public in some political directions;

The Social theater

- the aim is to make a social change according to a specific problem that a community has

- the people involved are volunteers and they do it for the social mission and believe

- approaching social problems make people came together and be close to each other- a natural team building

- the play/scenario is created by the team

- there is no fix text ….the non-actors has to understand and feel fully the character they perform and what is his role and aim on the stage – for that he can “play” with the word and sentences

- the play can be performed in the middle of the people in their community

- people can involve in the play and change the story

- the team is improvising according to the public interventions

- the results: community changing, people come up with solution for they own problems exposed on the play, the volunteers are able to see the impact in the local community; volunteers are developing a extend area of social skills, teamwork and management; in time the people that are involving are changing they set of values to a superior one and become resource person in the communities ;

What you choose?

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