Friday, 11 July 2008

How is in Sri Lanka?

I imagine that from the beginning when I announce this idea…this plan…this adventure people that were around me expected the moment I will get to a place that can be consider really different, fare away….unbelievable.

Yes…finally I put my foot in a completely new and different land….Sri Lanka!!!

I jumped directly here after Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and again Turkey and maybe my travel doesn’t look like it has a “normal” path, smoothly from country to the neighbour country and so on…..

Well is not and it will not be necessary like that…..because reasons change and external factor can also influence….

Now I’m in the jungle!!!! Exactly like is written…the internet is coming by lianas and I can call from my mobile if I want.

This world is like in the movies or in the reality show of Amazing Race….crowded busses and trains, people surrounding you because they never saw a white, exotic fruits that you never saw or know, the bananas that has complete other taste, the garbage and the smell, the heat and the sudden rain ….the tropic clime…

Is clear that the nature is very important here…is green everywhere and thats a true fact….a village means to go from house to house in the jungle….the jungle is part of the house here and that’s wonderful. The air you breath you feel it…is fresh and clean…..yeah that’s great…I think my ancestor in Romania had also this chance….

Shortly some aspects of this country…..

- food: rice rice rice (morning, lunch, dinner)….and curry (curry means everything else that you can put on the rice – some sauce, some vegetable with souse, some fruits boiled, some meat, some coconut mixed with some green leafs, etc etc)

- the curry you must don’t confusing with what we call curry – that yellow powder…)

- rice is plain…but the curry…the curry is based on different spices , chilly mainly …so watch your mouth

- we eat with the hand – no use of fork or spoon…based on the fact the food is testier like that (I confess I never image to eat rice with my hand but I manage good)

- the cheese and milk product,not powder milk, are like a luxury products

- the water you boiled and is not problem to drink warm water anymore

- the men have on them some skirt “saron” and they are very proud of that….and very possessive…is a man thing not a women yeah?....

- the women has to be happy with their sari …that you find I know in India also….but is obvious that is not comfortable…to surround your body in 6 meters of material that will make you hot and not that easy to move….hm…but is a tradition and also them, are very proud of it…..(I’m thinking to buy a saron:)

- the fruit shops are everywhere and is overwhelming still to see how many fruits and how diverse …many types of banana, coconut, king coconut, pineapple, avocado, mango, papaya, goa, jack fruit, and other that are so unusual that I didn’t remember the name

(in the picture: jack fruit- that can have up to 20 kilos)

- people shake heads in something like NO for us (but not exactly is a different shake) and that will mean YES….even if sometimes they shake head also as our YES and means also YES…..because they never say NO (this never is extreme but you got the point) …..

- they are very shy …..very shy….women specially but also men…is a shy culture …you can see also from the children, how the are acting….is hard to get to them because the will not let themselves very easily discovered …..i might say that this shyness made them distant….or other way round

- don’t confuse what I said before with lack of friendship….they are very friendly and smiling and warm, calm and relaxed people…I think is the nature effect plus maybe some historical roots

- they are former colony for British …or better say occupation because they didn’t exactly colonized this country – still only the locals are living here

- the cars are going on the left side ….they say like in Europe confusing UK with Europe….

- They never hear about Romania …..(I was lucky if they know that this country exist) ….but strangely enough don’t care to much about how is my culture….aaa…is Europe…so they know…(I find my self trapped in a Europe stereotype…..more West Europe but they don’t make difference- I have money, many, probably living alone, boiling half the vegetables, eating black bread, we have fun and we are happy, we are free to speak about anything.....and what else?.....and again I have money) – yes true…is not like they have a clear or more developed opinion about Europe)

- you can see elephants or monkeys on the streets or close to the road, isn't cool?,

- they majority of people are Buddhist and is cool to see Buddha statues all over and temples…and every full moon day the government give the people free day to go an meditate

- the night life doesn’t exist here…and also the socialising in pubs or bars is limitate …..even in the hottest places of the country a bar doesn’t have outside tables for people to stay in fresh air…(inside is no air-condition)

- tea people…..tea with milk and sugar with no option how much sugar you want…take it or leave it….:)

- it is a problem in the country…a open conflict with a separatist group in the north of country ….not to many details now

I’m writing first time about this country….how can I select? …or how can I put it down
in a easy to understand way? can I send a message that covers most of your

desires? also…to avoid your question: how is there?....

well is also like I said until now…your next question should be different!

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