Sunday, 25 April 2010

Turkish Language

I used to say and I will still saying this (comparing myself with other people) that I am not good with languages!!! I learned English with not actually having this as an aim (from television) , I am managing with Latin languages because they are the brothers/sisters/cousins of Romanian witch again is not something that I worked for – just happened to born Romanian.

In school they tried but failed to teach me German and from this experience I got scared a bit from the classical system of learning a language (by classical I mean regular lessons, learning grammar, memorizing and making exercises) because for the languages that I know I never did this!!!

Well seems that I manage quite good to learn Turkish in a very good schooling system. Sceptical at the beginning but motivated to learn it seems that I actually like this language!!! :)) And is quite a pleasure to learn it! It’s a logical and quite systematically language with a completely different system of grammar (from English or Latin) so after it took me some time to adapt my mind to it...everything is going smoothly! Not only making your mind work in Turkish system is challenging , also to accept any kind of weird aspect without questioning to much. For example there is not verb for “to have or to can” and even “to be” it exist but is not actually used as we use it :).

But the idea of this post is actually to congratulate myself because i didn’t expect this positive outcome!!!


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