Saturday, 20 March 2010

"You are part of this world, Be part of its future"-training for multipliers in Global Education

In February in Romania (in a beautiful place near Brasov – Cheile Gradistei) an amazing group of people gather in order to became Global Education Multipliers in “You are part of this world, be part of its future” – training course!!!

About this week I will use many superlatives words, even if people around me know me for a critical person but this training represented my dream after I participated in Eurizons 2007 became true. The quality of the participants, the energy and the atmosphere in the group, the flow of the program and the huge challenge that we had for doing a training like this for first time for an international group of youth workers was for sure rewarded. Innovating, skipping sleeping, creating “heavy and demanding” sessions, challenging and being challenged, smoked brain and a lot of motivation and power that participants give and took - being a continue 2 ways learning process.

More about the training details and selection of participants here

More about the results of immediate evaluation here

More about the impressions of the participants, photos and post training impact evaluation interpretation(after 3 months) on the blog of the training:

Thank you all for participating, involving, taking as much as possible and sharing, using and acting as Global Education Multipliers (to make our communities to be part of the world future as well).

This training course was financed trough Youth in Action Programme by Romanian National Agency for Action 4..3 and implemented in Romania by A.R.T. Fusion Organization.

The information presented in the article (and the links referring to) represents 100% the opinion of their authors.

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