Wednesday, 17 February 2010

"Challenge YOU and YOUR community" - finished

My EVS stage is finished!!!

12 months of my life that passed faster and more difficult than I expected!

I am not sure I ever reached the level of empowered actor as in the model of intercultural work (presented by me in august) but for sure I did as much as possible taking in consideration local specific but also my own specific and personality and I know I tried and sweet my brain out to make a good connection between these 2 in order to make my project true.

I had a meeting with the EVS coordinator from Istanbul and we closed this project (from the stage point of view). The evaluation is still going on between me and A.R.T. Fusion and in the next months I need to develop a tool kit based on my experience here in Turkey (tool kit that has to include Street Campaigning, Social Theatre and Global Education- I need to find a relevant way of including/combing these methods in youth friendly way). I have plenty of time in front until September for this activity.

Just an overview of the last year based on the initial aim and objectives of the my project:

The aim of the project was to stimulate the active participation (as a value of European Union) of young people in problems that concern today society by using participative art, creative street animation methods and innovative campaigns.

Stimulating is a proper word for what I did this year in Turkey….and I also use what I know best: street animation methods, social theatre and attempting innovative campaigns.

The methods that were used in this project :

  • social theatre as a method of social intervention
  • non formal education workshops on development education (this part was a bit weaker then estimated because of lack of interested in Turkish volunteers to involve in such big topics)
  • street campaigning

The objectives of the project were:

  • to train more than 60 young people to be multipliers in social theatre (more than 60 young people for sure got to know what is social theatre )
  • to raise awareness and personal involvement in what matters the Millennium Goals for Turkish general young people. (only in what matter the MDG 7 on environment)
  • to implement various campaigns that raise awareness in different topics (additional more than 50 young people will be trained and develop street campaigning skills) – (we did implemented various street actions and more then 50 people developed skills in street animation)
  • to stimulate the volunteering among young people (I did my best here :)

“Challenge YOU and YOUR community” represent an EVS project (European Voluntary Service) implemented by A.R.T. Fusion(Romania) and TOG (Community Volunteers, Turkey) financed by trough Youth in Action Programme by Romanian National Agency.

The opinions expressed in this article belong 100% to its author!

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