Monday, 15 December 2008

Booklet- Non-Violent Conflict Resolution Training Program in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka among other activities I was also responsible for implementing the evaluation part of a 2 years training program in Non-Violent Conflict Resolution implemented in various and diverse regions of the country for religious leaders or actives members (Muslims, Christians, Hindu, Buddhists). For a short brief at the time of the project implementation Sri Lanka was affected by a civil war.

Based on the evaluation and the interpretation of its results I developed a booklet (click on booklet) that gathers the experience of the projects, the results and impact and future actions. In the booklet are also information about SCI and SCI Sri Lanka.

The material is in English and it was written and graphic edited by me.

For any questions, comments or impressions you can contact me or SCI Sri Lanka (the contact data are in the booklet).

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