Monday, 15 November 2010

Ode to you

This post is for you...the one who is passing through some horrible times at the moment....let face it: in fact they are hell on earth and are
THE most horrible times for you!!!

You are lost, confused, hurt, disappointed, alone, sad, depressed, useless, tired, will prefer to disappear or to wake up and understand it was all a bad dream. Yet this is not happening, you are not waking up because ironically this is the reality and you don’t disappear, you are not in the hell even if maybe will be better to be dead but you can’t make it!

The past is hunting you...the happiness you had and that all of a sudden vanished! You don’t know why, why you had to live what you lived, why everything happened they way it did, why he could do all those horrible torturing things! You were the happiest in your whole life, you had started a new life in a new place with new plans, you trusted and loved with all your hurt, you invested all your emotions and dreams....and you felt that he did the same..... the past is hunting you but what a tragedy, he is not 2 people but only 1 that maybe didn’t actually loved you the way you believed....or maybe he did ...nobody knows, or at least you don’t know....the facts are that your heart is bleeding and dying and somebody in other part of the world doesn’t even realise it and doesn’t have any signs of regret ...can love do this? Can life do this? Can life or love betray you just like that???? Stupid questions....they already did...fuck your live, it doesn’t deserve you! How can you become from somebody's angel a devil in one night???? How come?

The empty words of the people around you that are claiming that everything will be ok, everything is happening with a reason, just wait and see are USELESS and not only that, are empty, heart less- there is no sense now isn’t? So fuck all the sense and the good that will no going to make you feel better now, no?

Fuck all of those that are scared to face a bad time of their “friends”, that are coming automatically with solutions that are not requested (get a new job, travel, work, go to therapy, don’t stay alone, bla, bla, bla) and that are having the impression that if you don’t cry every second that means you are handling everything quite ok!!! Get away from them, from all those advices and away from them and just live what you feel like, cry all the day, don’t call anybody, don’t speak with anybody, watch all the day movies, eat junk food, drink until you forget all, stay at home all the day, don’t go out, again cry specially when you hear all those love songs that had a different meaning for you, talk with people that seems to get you, cry to them as well, write it down, GET EVERYTHING OUT!!! Otherwise it will hunt you anyway in a way or another!!! Don’t hide anything inside, live all that pain that you feel even if hurting like the pain and don’t focus on the meaning!!! When you are in pains there is no meaning for that except the fact that is another sign that life sucks big time!!!!

This post is for you, I will get all your tears out of you so you can’t sink in them!!!

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ana ungurianu said...

Thank you for this. It came just at the right time.