Monday, 3 January 2011

Other Realities Therapy

How many times it didn’t happened to you to see a movie, episode of a series, read a book, hear a news and so on and to, either find yourself in the life of the hero or to be happy you are not the hero (and implicit to feel good with your own life)?

Doesn’t matter if the characters or the people we encounter this way are losing everything and then taking it all back, being miserable, lonely, popular, ugly, beautiful, ignorant, very intelligent, extremely lucky or unlucky, with great relations or the worst relations , being in the right moment in the right place or opposite, rich or poor, hating or loving their lives, etc ....all this looks different on TV then in our own lives! The colours, the music, the actors, the lights and angle of view, etc all this make them look more impressive and more touching sometimes...

If you are the bottom of your life and see a movie that kind of reflects somebody else bottom of life, on one side you don’t feel alone in this feeling and on other side (because during the action of the movie the person kind of manages to lifts up) is inoculating some kind of hope for you and a perspective for you potential lift up!

And is not only for this: if you are poor maybe you will be reach, if you are unlucky maybe this will change, if don’t have success you will have, if you are fat and ugly this can change or at least some people will appear that don’t care, if you are alone you will not be at some point, if you don’t have a good relation or not at all it will appear at some point, if you didn’t manage to do something you will do, if it didn’t came to you it will come, ....all can happened , by chance and mystery , like it happened to that character that looks or reminds you of yourself- is giving or increasing a feeling of hope or acceptance!

Even if in your own life you think that something is not realistically possible, is too late, too much time passed, you forgot, somebody else forgot.... then a movie or a book comes and gives you a perspective that you didn’t thought of!!! Or, if everything goes like shit in your life , don’t forget there is that real (or not) person that had the same life but was a genius in the maybe you too are a genius or some very important person that has to be like that in order to do its missions....and there are endless possibilities or situations...just think of yourself and your own life!

This piece of art that resembles so much reality is amazing ....either is a movie, a episode, a book, a story , it looks real and you find yourself (either now , or in the past or if its going to happen to you also in the future and you will make the connection) in it! Is a kind of alternative "unknown" therapy that is feeding us with fake hope that for some of us maybe works or maybe makes us feel even more miserable ...or maybe not! It’s all depending how they are telling the story that seems that is your own story!

One thing is clear if your life is shit why not loosing yourself with the help of these tools in other "people" lives and realities ....maybe at some point your life will became a book or a movie about somebody that was watching manny movies and living in a paralel life - for sure it will look much better on the screen then what your lifes looks now!!!!

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