Friday, 3 June 2011

Change Factor

What is really important in your life?

What is guiding you? What are stronger for you: your thoughts or your emotions?

What counts more for you? The people around you? The nature? Yourself? Your own life?

What is your mission in life? What is the sense for you to be where are you know? What is your aim? Are you able to control what is happening in your life or there is some unknown force that is guiding/controlling you life?

Are you happy? Disappointed or depressed? You have hope or lost it long time ago? What makes you continue?




Can you answer to all this questions easily? Do you need a lot of time to actually define your life or perfectly clear for you?

How much time you spend just with yourself every day? How often you don’t let yourself affected by all the external factors that are around you? How easily you can forgive and move on? How able are you to control the way you react to an event from your life?

Do you think you are a result of various meetings with various situations? Or a results of own personal decisions and “work”?

Do you think that if you change something you will change around you? What and how?

How much do you feel a change factor in your community? Or in your environment? How do you act in this directions?

Therapists, coaches, mentors, consultants, facilitators, trainers are some of the people that in their work are asking questions, with the aim to help various beneficiaries to find answers that will not come by default to them; to guide a self learning process, to process an experience or situations, to find solutions to various problems, to determine a change in attitudes or mentalities, to develop and improve; to make a change;

If I will ask you what do you think is the essence of creating an ideal world what you will answer? I hope you will say the people; people that want to have such world (whatever means for them ideal) and willing to act as change factors to bring along that world as a beautiful snow ball process.

If an ideal world will mean to have peace and no more conflicts (any kind of conflicts) it should be the same process; and the change should start from any of us and not to expect the others to start.

Are you acting as a change factor in your life to bring along peace?

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