Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Peace Revolution

I use to live in Turkey…for a long time indeed. Manny Turkish people are very proud of Ataturk that founded the Turkish Republic and he had a very famous saying: “Peace at Home, Peace in the World”

When we speak about Peace Revolution, which is in fact a very interesting program with strong values that have long term mission to change the world is connecting with the same saying specially through the Inner Peace approach- Inner Peace-Outer peace. The core idea of this program is that if we are at peace within ourselves we will spread around us good energy, the choices we will make will be affected by it, and as the butterfly effect goes by we will directly or indirectly make other people more peaceful people, so on a long term we will contribute to a more peaceful world. The change is inside of us, and the change starts from each of us.

The focus is ourselves, and how we, if we want to, or if we realize that we can, we will influence the way this world will continue to be. If is more of us, then the effects will start getting visible much faster- therefore is an atypical revolution ;)

The method of this revolution is meditation: time to look inside of you, to stay there few minutes a day, to reflect on various aspects of your life, your thoughts and your emotions; to look at your past and present life and to reconsider the way you plan and live your live. It can be challenging and benefiting to follow a self development mediation program, to allow time to stay just with you, and no thoughts, feelings, doubts, worries and plans…do you think you can do that? In every moment we are thinking about something, try to be 10 minutes with no thoughts, no plans, nothing, just you going deep inside of yourself! It is challenging, and is also extremely interesting and revealing for what kind of person you are; especially when this meditation method doesn’t come by itself is also followed by reflection on yourself and your life.

I dare you to try 30 minutes today to go inside of you, where are no thoughts and no feeling – if you want some kind of guidance you can do that following this link.

Peace IN-Peace OUT ;)

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