Friday, 7 March 2008

10 days in Bulgaria ...

a long post - with different aspects aproached - your head in danger:)
Bulgaria is neighbour of Romania and after I travelled in almost all the Europe I decided t give it a chance :). Sounds hush but still yeap...this is the true! And in a way I was kind of forced to do it because I couldn’t jump over it.
Yes, these ware the reasons that put me in Bulgaria and NO, I don’t regret it at all.

If I will start to go deep in the stereotypes that make Romanians people in general to “stay” away from Bulgaria I will open a box of “notjustifiable” issues that I know them also only by chance. But also the last Romanians I meet on the way, just before entering Bulgaria said one thing: is nothing to see in Bulgaria, why you want to go there? (people that of course they never went there – because is not obvious – they thought that they didn’t have anything to see!).
Hehe...probable you imagine that I don’t have this impression at all, now after spending some time in Bulgaria! True!

What was on my way: Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo, Burgas+ Nesebar, Plodviv.
What I miss and I wanted to see: Melnik and a bit more in the South

My top:


Veliko Tarnovo


Burgas (no picture)


Some general characteristics:
- the people are peaceful, friendly and helpful – don’t act-out that much but you feel that Slavic specific that still I don’t know how to describe it in words.
- the country is overall beautiful but I had the disadvantage to see it on February- march and look totally dry!!!
- when I travelled between the cities and in the cities (in the most tourist places) I found my self ALONE and I couldn’t stop the feeling that I’m in an abandoned country.
- more or less similarities are huge with Romanians (yeah guys, we are not that fare one from the other so yeap- we have many things in common)
- garbage on the roads and streets (and I come from Romania but still it attract my attention)

Interesting/funny aspects
- many LADA brands cars on the streets :)
- they celebrate and re-memorize their deeds all over the cities. (everybody has to know who died and when)
- I saw just 2% people that are blond or have blue eyes (attention is not a statistic – is just my impression)
- in the same unit for those who wants to know: most of the boys/men are quite nice and cute
- the Cyrillic’s are killing me
- they have Martenit – we have Martisor (for them- they offer for health and every person receive one, man and women , for us is a symbol of the spring and only the women receive )

Hitchhiking time
- 85% silent based on music if it was – NO English available
- 3 Turkish drivers born in Bulgaria that made visible their different culture
- One Bulgarian speaking Greek
- One Bulgarian speaking Spanish (and I realised that I forgot some of the Spanish that I knew)
- One Bulgarian travelling to China
- 2 gypsy and they grandmother that offered me Manele Music (because I’m from Romania)
- On speedy Italian that drive a Romanian 4x4 car and being surrounded my Romanian business ladies that took the wrong way listening to his “very smart” GPS system.

My time

- I was missing me so much and now I had the chance to spend time with my self – this “abandoned” country offered me that chance. Reflect on me, on passed things, on present and future....or not to think at all; is great, we make connections, you remind things that ware hided, good moments or bad, just receiving every thought that came ... Yes...I was really missing me so much!
- I know that part of the reason I left is that my life was becoming a machine that was increasing the speed and you cant slow it down ....I just jump from it and left- now when I look back is more obvious that!
- many people appeared in my thoughts – I realised once again trough how many things I passed and how many people ware around me;
- I didn’t felt fare from house...well in fact, I was not far (in any moment if I will decide I can be at home in 5 hours max) so it give me a strange mood sometimes, wishing to leave more quickly from there.
- Bulgaria made me miss more Turkey and made more anxious to go there...exactly I don’t know why.
- I had a fear moment that was totally created by my mind making me realise in the end of it that we create our own monsters and is our job to take care of them!
- I don’t miss!


horia said...

baah tu ne spui k te duci pana in japonia si tu o arzi pe alocuri paicea in bulgaria?in 2 ore sunt la tine dak vreau..:)))

Andreea-Loredana said...

Well is still valide what I said ...İ never said when İ will be there...
catch me now in 2 hours if you can :))

Anonymous said...

I love you and I miss you girl! By your experience we learn. I wish I was there with you and as I am reading your blog I feel that I am. At least in spirit.

I know that every place you go to has your print on it and little by litte you will have a piece of Andreea all over the world. Just like you wanted.


Anca said...

Hello there, where ever you are :) I heard that in a movie... So, I wanted to say that I miss you, your attitude. When I read the lines written by you, I really feel that I experience the same things, and it is sure that I would like very much to travel, to see this world. Meanwhile we have plans to go to Norway in May, and I can't wait to go there...
Be strong, discover and maybe there isn't a surprise that you discover things for us too.
Anca - cu dor - I cannot translate this (only in Portuguese this word exists, so, 'con saudade') :)

Andreea-Loredana said...

Hey guys...
Is cool to hear from you!
Thank you very much that you think on me ...I believe that also I tought now more on the people from my life and Im really happy and proud that you are part of this changing life!
Va iubesc pe toti!