Friday, 7 March 2008

“Is more easy to disintegrate an atom then a prejudice” Einstein

I’m a traveller that wants to observe but also to contribute and maybe to interfere if I will consider.
My first step of the status “travelling volunteer” happened in Bulgaria, Sofia in the CVS Bulgaria (the branch of SCI- Service Civil International).

I had the honour to deliver a workshop on intercultural education topic to a group of 99% Bulgarians (mostly volunteers) ! Also another aspect was that the group was not that big.
In small groups the opinions are less probable to be different and this group didn’t make exception. I was challenged to challenge and to make the group to see other part that they didn’t consider up to that moment. I don’t know how much I succeed because I “had” them just 3 hours and for me and my plans was not enough.
Was hard for me to be objective in facilitating the discussion – yeah....the intercultural topics!
What means stereotype and prejudice and what is the difference from them was achieved.
What is the “monkey behaviour” and if is “good” to have it or to change it still not clear!

Overall the first “visit” to an SCI office was a pleasure, they received me with openness and warm and I felt like is my home there! Is just put me in the SCI atmosphere that is so close to my heart and that gives me power and wishes for my travel.

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Maladets! said...

99 %? I'd just like to point out that the group consisted of 75% bulgarians, if you and I are both included :P