Thursday, 20 March 2008

Introduction to Turkey

My friends and most of the people that meet me know something about me related to my travels!!! I love Turkey!
Turkey is like my second home country! Is the only country where I came back 5 times and now is my 6th time and every time Turkey give me something that I need it!

I used to say before I started this travel that I will loose my self in Turkey this time- will be like a break out !SO…yes I’m in Turkey- this time is for a long time – at least one month with possible returns for arranging visa issues for future countries!

This post is just to introduce a bit Turkey from what already give me and for what I love or like it and to made know the base of this return!
Randomly from my mind cheek this out :)
- the people are friendly, curios, helpful and warm
- they are delighted to speak with new people (even if they don’t manage to understand your language:) –they will manage a way! – is impossible to feel uncomfortable because you don’t know what to speak about!
- I feel on the same level in what matters the interrelations skills : we connect immediately on the way of laughing or joking, how we approach life – we are like brothers! Some of my closest friends are from Turkey!
- They speak a lot and loud – exactly like me!
- We have many common words in Romanian and Turkish – is a joy to discover them!
- they have the cult of the guest – they want to make sure that the new person that is their house-car-shop is not feeling thirst or hungry !
- I interact mostly with men! Women are more shy and threatened by me being so European and confident– maybe!
- I grow up in a country where I had to learn to be independent and to manage by myself in any kind of situation – and not to expect others people protection- well Turkey is the only country where I feel protected! I had no idea how is this feeling BUT here I felt it! Is not about needed it is about the fact that is there somewhere- I feel this protection around me!
- they like to drink black tea all the time in little glass cups that looks like a women body! And of course they will offer you every time!
- the streets are challenging your senses trough thousand of ways : the food, the smells, the clothes, the colors, the restaurants, the shops, the people …..
- sometimes you feel that they don’t behave so hospitable because they really feel that BUT because they HAVE to bee like that! I like to observe this.
- Is a huge country, complex and divers, with a huge history inside – BUT you feel the Turkish way all over!
- I love the mosques for the fact that you have to walk on carpets – without shoos and having all the intimacy that you want with your thoughts
- They are cats everywhere!!! I love cats!
- They have a huge honor! You immediately feel it when you speak with them –when you ask them about something related with Turkey- Turkish – they cheers when they drink for it- SEREFE – means FOR HONOUR !
- when you smoke Nargile in places where are pillows and carpets – gives you the sensation that you are in 1001 nights stories!
- "you smoke like a turk" is a very true sentence:)
- turkish cofee is really great BUT only if they make it in the real way-and thats by chance:)! (and I dont drink cofee normaly)
- Efes is great – as beer and historical place!
- You never feel alone – in no place!
- I folled in love here!

Curios enough?
And I’m sure I didn’t mention everything is in my mind and heart about this charming country and culture!
Coming soon!

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